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LISTING  |  $150

  • Initiate a Pre-sale Escrow by selecting your preferred escrow officer and promptly securing essential documents such as the grant deed, property profile, and preliminary report.

  • If applicable, coordinate with either the escrow officer or seller to procure pertinent HOA documents.

  • Craft an introductory email to establish communication with the seller, setting a professional tone and initiating the process.

  • Facilitate the completion of necessary disclosures by preparing and dispatching them to the seller, utilizing efficient platforms such as Glide and/or DocuSign for ease of signature and completion.

  • Ensure comprehensive compliance by ordering essential reports like the NHD Report, 3R, and any other pertinent City Reports required for the transaction.

  • Centralize all listing documentation onto the Broker File or Program, utilizing designated platforms like Skyslope or Planet RE, to streamline compliance procedures.

  • Upon completion of disclosures, furnish the agent with a convenient link to access the disclosure packet, either through Disclosures IO or a shareable Google Drive link for accessibility.


  • Initiate contact with all involved parties, introducing our role in the transaction, accompanied by a personalized transaction summary sheet outlining key dates and contact information for essential stakeholders (Escrow, other agent, lender, etc.).

  • Ensure timely follow-up on deposit receipt, maintaining transparency and efficiency throughout the process.

  •  Expedite the procurement of a home warranty while offering home warranty brochures at your convenience for different companies to choose from. 

  • Collaborate with Escrow, providing necessary terms and broker demand when required, to facilitate smooth progress.

  • Methodically prepare and dispatch all disclosures to the buyer for signature, adhering to regulatory requirements and timelines.

  • Implement proactive reminders to agents regarding impending Contingency deadlines, including Inspection, Loan, and Appraisal, to uphold transaction momentum.

  • Conduct a minimum of three file audits throughout the transaction lifecycle, ensuring accuracy and compliance from acceptance to close.

  • One week before closing, diligently follow up with the escrow officer and lender to confirm the status of loan documents and scheduled client signings.

  • Coordinate seamlessly with the loan officer and escrow for funding and recording, maintaining clear communication and oversight until completion.

  • Centralize all transaction documents onto the designated Broker File or Program, utilizing platforms such as Skyslope or Planet RE, to ensure comprehensive compliance and accessibility.

  • Upon request, provide a closing link to the client at the conclusion of the transaction, facilitating a smooth and transparent closing experience.

DUAL AGENCY  |  $850  ($150 SAVINGS)

  • We'll manage your entire transaction from beginning to end, offering you all the services encompassed in both the Listing and Pending Side, with the $150 Listing fee already included in the total cost.

  • Please note: This service isn't tailored for situations where two agents are represented under the same brokerage. Should that be the case, the transaction will be invoiced as single side transactions for both agents.



AUDIT ONLY  |  $300

  • Now offering an AUDIT-only option (This option is where we upload to broker file and we will email you with what is missing. Agent responsible for getting everything signed and providing missing documents). 


Prime Transaction Services
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At Prime Transaction Services, we are not just a service provider; we are your partner in success. Let us handle the administrative load while you focus on growing your business and enjoying the life you've worked hard to achieve. Together, we can take your real estate business to the next level.


Contact us today to discover how we can contribute to your success story.

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